March 29, 2023
What is Aloe Vera Juice Good For? health benefits of aloe vera juice, how to make aloe vera juice at home?

What is Aloe Vera Juice Good For? health benefits of aloe vera juice, how to make aloe vera juice at home?

More and more people are showing interest in growing Aloe Vera plants in their backyards not only because they see a lot of commercially prepared Aloe products in the market today but because this plant has proven its medicinal properties and benefits over the past hundreds of years. So, what is Aloe Vera juice good for?

Aloe vera juice is a thick, sticky liquid made from the gel of the leaf of the aloe vera plant. It is commonly known to treat sunburn. But drinking this healthy elixir in the form of juice gives you other health benefits.

Aloe Vera juice for-Constipation, Inflammation of the Digestive System, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, GERD

Drinking the juice everyday can significantly decrease various types of digestion-related problems. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of Aloe Vera in treating constipation. The latex is loaded with a compound called anthroquinone glycoside; it is widely used as a mild laxative. It works pretty quickly to soften stools and return normal bowel function. Forget about buying suppositories and just go natural by drinking Aloe Vera juice.

Numerous studies confirmed solid evidence on the effectiveness of Aloe extract in soothing ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the colon). Yes, it can soothe mucus membranes of the entire digestive tract giving you relief with continued use. Some people have reportedly felt better in just a couple of hours. If you are suffering from GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), you can also drink the juice to find relief. It effectively neutralizes digestive acids in our system.

I should give you a warning though, do not overdose yourself because if you happen to do so, you will have diarrhea and stomach cramps. Always follow the recommended dosage. Take Aloe for 5 straight days and then give it a rest for 2 days. This will prevent you from developing allergic reactions from long-term use.

Aloe Vera juice for-Detoxification

Not a lot of people know about the detoxifying wonders of Aloe Vera juice. The enzymes contain many ingredients that can help eliminate the toxins in our body, cleanse the colon, stimulate healthy cell generation and boost energy levels. Start your detoxification program with just a small dose of the juice and see your body responds to it. Remember, Aloe extract has laxative effect so you may want to go easy on the first couple of days. The recommended dosage is 25 ml once or twice a day. Try it once a day for three days then if you don’t experience stomach cramping, drink it twice a day.

Aloe Vera juice for-For the Immune System

Aloe Vera contains Carrisyn which is known to stimulate the generation of infection-fighting blood cells. The plant is also packed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which aid the body in preventing the onset of several diseases in the body. Drinking the juice on a regular basis will help you maintain good health. People who have included Aloe juice on their diets have noticed a significant improvement in their wellbeing and energy. Some even say that they never got sick again after taking the juice!Drinking Aloe Vera juice will help boost energy levels.

Aloe Vera juice for-Metabolism

The extract in Aloe can help stimulate metabolic rate and this will allow you to burn more energy. The juice is loaded with Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, folic acid, niacin, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc and magnesium along with 18 different amino acids. A lot of people are actually using Aloe juice to help them lose weight. Combined with a sensible diet and regular exercise, the juice can help you shed the excess pounds faster.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not advisable to drink the juice. It’s always best to consult with your health practitioner before starting any routine.

So…what else is Aloe Vera juice good for? You can use Aloe to relieve arthritis and hemorrhoids and eliminate bladder, urinary tract and kidney infections. You can also drink Aloe for yeast infections. It contains anti-fungal properties that can help kill bad bacteria.

Make Your Own Aloe Vera juice Drink Recipe At Home

Aloe Vera offers tons of health benefits and people have been using it for hundreds or even thousands of years now. Most of us are only familiar with the topical uses of Aloe because we see it as one of the components of several skin care products. Did you know that Aloe Vera can also be taken internally? While commercially prepared Aloe is readily available, it is still better if you can prepare your own Aloe drink recipe. Aside from you know exactly what you put in it, it is much cheaper to just make your own at home. Drinking Aloe has the following health benefits:

-Improve Digestive Functions
-Strengthen the Immune System
-Help the body get rid of toxins
-Improves joint flexibility and reduce inflammation
-Increase energy levels
-Neutralizes bacteria in the stomach
-Reduces high blood pressure
-Speeds up recovery from injury
-Reverses “sticky” blood
-Lowers blood sugar levels
-Lowers cholesterol
-Helps prevent kidney stones
-Helps in managing psoriasis and eczema
-Accelerates skin repair
-Prevents and treat yeast infection

Here are a couple of easy but yummy Aloe Vera Drink recipes that you can try:

Recipe 1


1 Cucumber
1 Apple
1 Lemon (juice)
2 tbsp Liquid Aloe Vera (extracted from natural leaves)


1.) Cut cucumber and apple into cubes.
2.) Put the cut up pieces into a blender and blend until smooth. Add the lemon juice and Aloe Vera. Stir the mixture. Serve it cold.

Recipe 2


2 Carrots
2 Green Apples
1Orange, peeled
1 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel


1.) Cut the carrots and green apples into small pieces.
2.) Slice out the orange in such a way that each piece is secluded from the other.
3.) Put the sliced carrots, apples and orange into the juicer and add to it a tbsp of Aloe Vera gel.
4.) Blend the mixture in a juicer and drink it.

Recipe 3


1 to 2 cup Fresh Pineapple
1 Carrot
1 Green Apple
1 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
A few tbsp Coconut Milk (optional)


1.) Put all the ingredients into the juicer and to this, add a tbsp of Aloe Vera gel. Blend the mixture well.
2.) You can even add a few tbsp of coconut milk to increase the anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of the drink.
3.) Just pour the drink into a glass and serve.

Recipe 4


2 Carrots
2 Pears
½ Red Papaya (small one)
A small piece of Ginger, to taste
Aloe Vera Gel


1.) Cut the carrot, pears and red papaya into small pieces. Now, shift the above cut pieces into the jar of a mixer.
2.) Add to this a 1 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel.
3.) Combine the mixture until it is well-blended. Drink the juice immediately.

Recipe 5


1/4th of a small Beetroot
2 large Carrots
1 stalk Celery
Aloe Vera Gel


1.) The first step would be to cut beetroot, carrots and celery into small pieces. Now, put the contents into a juicer.
2.) Add 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera Gel to the mix. Once blended, serve the drink.

How to Extract Gel from Aloe Vera Plant:

You will need:

Aloe Vera leaf
Fillet Knife
Cutting Board


1.) Cut the leaf at its base. Cut on an angle like you are filleting meat.

2.) Hold the leaf upright in a cup or bowl so you can drain the sap. Let it stand for 10 to 15 minutes.

3.) Lay the leaf on a cutting board and then cut off the tip, about an inch. Remove the torn edges on both sides. Cut off just enough to take the edges off

***Most experts believe that Aloin is the main culprit for these known Aloe Water side effects which is why it is advisable to purchase Aloin-free juice. Most brands sold in the United States are already refined to purge Aloin.

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